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All information supplied is of a general nature only and no liability is taken or implied. Every growers conditions are different and what works best for one grower may be different to another. Information supplied in the questions and answers below suits our conditions:

Q. What potting media should I use for Vanda Orchids?

A. We use straight bark in our Vanda plants, dependant on the size of the plant. Vanda plants grow as epiphytes in nature, meaning they grow on trees, so they should have a mix which dries relatively quickly after watering and to allow air to return to the roots.

Q. How often should I water my Vanda Orchids?

A. During the hotter months of the year we water every second day, however as we are near the coast we have humid breezes which assist in keeping our plants from drying out. If you live in drier climates you may need to mist the plants in between watering. As the temperatures fall, watering can be decreased to once a week during the winter months.

Q. What time of the day is best to water Vanda plants?

A. During hotter months it is important not to allow water to sit in the crown of the plants as it will boil and kill the plant. Watering needs to be done in the late afternoon or early evening. During the colder months it is best to water in the mornings. This allows the plants to dry out prior to the cold, and helps avoid the plant cells freezing or being damaged.

Q. How often should I fertilise my Vanda plants?

A. Vanda plants are notoriously heavy feeders and grow well when given a regular supply of food. We fertilise every time we water. It is important however to reduce the strength of the fertiliser if using it more often then recommended on the instructions. We normally fertilise at 1/4 the recommended strength.

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