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Pacific Beach Orchids Story


Our love of orchids commenced in the 1980's when we purchased a beautiful flowering plant from the local supermarket. It was not until some time later that we realised it was an orchid.

Having decided that we needed to purchase a few more plants to try to grow, we visited the local orchid show. It was there that we met the local club president and before we knew it we were attending shows to learn more about the orchids.

Our love of orchids soon had Rick becoming a student judge and then moving through the system to become an accredited judge of the Australian Orchid Council in the early 90s. He continues to hold the position of an accredited judge and enjoys travelling throughout the local area visiting orchid shows and judging these wonderful plants.

As they say 'the rest is history' and following a move from the Toowoomba region to the warmer climate of Central Queensland in 2015, we decided to turn our passion into a business. In 2017 Pacific Beach Orchids was formed. Our aiim is to grow the nursery so that we can share our knowledge and skill with all enthusiasts.  

And Now...

Pacific Beach Orchids begins a new and exciting chapter. We have recently relocated from Moore Park Beach to a larger property at nearby Welcome Creek. The move has enabled us to construct larger nurseries to accommodate our expanding collection of orchids. The acreage property will allow us to continue expanding over the coming years. 

Whilst we specialise in the Vanda Family of orchids, we also hold a number of other varieties. We are  keen  to showcase all that is new and exciting to enthusiasts from the local area and beyond.

These are exciting times for Pacific Beach Orchids, and we would love to share them with you. We are open by appointment so please give us a call to make a time to visit us.  


If you have any questions or concerns about growing your orchids or would like further information on which orchid is best for you, please contact us.

Our Orchid Passion

We are happiest when with our orchids; they are diverse, award-winning and beautiful.