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The PDF documents below have all the information you need to grow your own beautiful orchids. If you are still unsure on the best practices or need more information on growing your orchids, you can always contact us.

Growing Vanda Orchids
Some tips and tricks for growing Vanda Orchids in the Bundaberg region.

Orchid Houses
Through experience setting up our own Orchid houses, we have outlined the fundamental needs to give your orchids a home that will keep them warm, watered and happy.

The Vanda Lifecycle
In this article we will discuss the basic lifecycle of the Vanda Genus. While being primarily about these beautiful plants the lifecycle of most orchids will be similar, however the time frames may vary significantly.

Top Cutting Vanda Orchids
Vanda orchids are a monopodial growing plant, which put simply means that they continue to grow vertically up a single stem, getting longer. As it continues to grow it can drop its lower leaves, giving the appearance of poor culture, making the plants look scraggly. However you can take action to restore them to their fanlike glory.


Our Vanda Heroes

This presentation was given to a meeting of local orchid growers in June/July 2018. It focuses on the most commonly used Vanda species used for breeding and outlines some of their best and worst traits. The presentation excluded the smaller types (formally Ascocentrum) as they are discussed later.

The Smaller Members of the Vandae Tribe

This presentation was shown at the 2019 Howard Field Day, a meeting of interested orchid growers from clubs in the local area and followed on from the presentation above one year earlier. The presenation concerntrates on some of the smaller flowered species within the Vandae group of orchids.

Growing Catasetinae Orchids

A presentation on growing the strange but wonderful orchids of the Catasetinae genera of orchids. This presentation gives some basics on growing these orchids and explores some of the problems and rewards.



If you have any questions or concerns about growing your orchids or like further information on which orchid is best for you, please contact us.

Our Orchid Passion

We are happiest when with our orchids; they are diverse, award-winning and beautiful.